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Soil Foodweb is an international soil biology group providing laboratory soil testing and soil biology consultancy services.  It was founded by Dr Elaine Ingham, a leading international soil microbiologist.  The systems developed by Dr Ingham have been designed to analyse the microbiology present in soil samples and to develop appropriate responses to achieve desired levels and balances of soil microbiology.

Adding Biology – For Soil and Hydroponic Systems

By Dr Elaine Ingham & Carole Ann Rollins.
Adding Biology – For Soil and Hydroponic Systems
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By Dr Elaine Ingham & Carole Ann Rollins.

This book contains information for conventional, sustainable and organic plant growing systems. Both outdoor applications and indoor controlled environments in soil and soilless media are included in this comprehensive text.

“The right biology enhances disease protection – so no more pesticides are needed. Biology causes nutrient retention – so leaching of nutrients ceases. There are now biologically transformed nutrients
available in the right form, in the right place, and at the right time. Biology helps with the decomposition of toxins and gets rid of plant residues. Biology helps to maintain structure of the planting media, improve root health, root depth, waterholding and aerobic conditions.” Elaine R. Ingham, PhD.

Book Chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Synthetic or Inorganic Systems
3. Biological / Organic Systems
4. Plant Growing Systems Out of Balance
5. Roots Interface Biology and Plants
6. Types of Micro-organisms
7. Types of Beneficial Aerobic Micro-organisms
8. Environments for Maintaining Micro-organisms
9. Microbes and Plants Form a Symbiotic Relationship
10. Integrating Biology into Plant Growing Systems
11. Sources of Beneficial Micro-organisms
12. Applying Micro-organisms
13. Testing for Biologicals
14. Research on Micro-organisms and Interactions

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