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SFI Gold Growers Package: A$12,000

  • Twenty five hours of consultancy time to clarify test results while incorporating suggestions on the next steps to take, along with aiding you with compost tea brewing information achieved via phone, email and or Skype via the internet 

  • Two physical visits to aid you in your management program via a SFI trained advisor over 12 months (if available in area) 

  • Recommended actions to achieve required results 

  • Suggestions of known and approved (by SFI) quality products/ inputs to use 

  • Ten Quantitative full Biological spectrum Analysis Four Qualitative assays OR one place in our 1 day microscope course, teaching you how to tell if your Compost tea is viable 

  • Four Chemistry analysis: Albrecht/Reams micronutrients & total extractable nutrients 

  • Two leaf analysis: Biology (aides in telling you if your biological foliage management is working or achieving results) 

  • 1000L Compost Brewer with all attachment’s 

  • Compost supplied for up to six compost tea applications (depending on quality of your compost tea brewing each 1000 liters will achieve up to 250HA of application) 

  • All data supplied via Excel spread sheet for grower to understand 

  • DVD how to make organic compost 

  • Five DVD set True Fertility- compost and compost tea workshop Six DVD set Critical invisible work shop 

Some of our results have seen fertilizer, insect and disease inputs reduced totally or in the very least reduced by up to 75% over a three year period. With water savings and soil quality being seen in almost every situation, if you as the primary producer follow the suggested management course put in place. 

Different results may be seen depending on soil history and continued management practices used. Payments are to be made in a two stages as are the services, first payment upon starting this program, second payment to be made within 6 months of the start of this contract.