SOIL FOODWEB INSTITUTESoil Rehab Specialists Since 1986
  1. Access the appropriate Submission Form for the kind of sample(s) you want to send (soil, compost, Leaf or compost tea), either electronically or by downloading and printing the hardcopy form.
  2. Review the corresponding “How to Take a Sample” instructions on the first page of the submission form.
  3. Take the sample(s) according to the instructions - early in the week is best to allow delivery time to SFI. 
  4. Complete the Submission Form providing as much information as possible. Available packages and prices can be found on page 3 of the submission form.
  5. Mark each of your samples with the Sample ID as entered on the form. Be sure to use permanent marker.
  6. Pack your samples and mark your sample pack clearly with your name and address.
  7. Confirm the fees that will be charged, remembering to add the Submission Report cost and the cost of any sample RA-PACKs selected.
  8. Nominate your method of payment.
  9. Include the completed Submission Form (with your payment, if desired) with the sample pack.
  10. Send by courier or overnight express post to:
Soil Foodweb Institute
80  Faulkner Road
Wyrallah  NSW  2480