The Compost Foodweb audio CD

By Dr. Elaine Ingham
The Compost Foodweb audio CD
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The Compost Foodweb audio CD

Dr. Ingham discusses what micro-organisms, from bacteria to nematodes, need to be present to make sure that all of the possible benefits from compost are obtained. Good compost can inoculate an incredible diversity of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes, and all the foods to feed them into the soil. The precise set of organisms that are needed depends on the desired plant, and Dr. Ingham discusses how to obtain those sets of organisms in the compost given different starting conditions and different methods of composting.

Included in this Double CD set:

CD #1:
1. Introduction
2. What is Compost?
3. Why Use Compost?
4. The Benefits of a Healthy Foodweb
5. How Do You KNOW You Have a Good Compost?
6. Temperature & Turning
7. Compost Standard
8. Organic Matter to Make Good Compost

CD #2:
1. Composting Methods
2. Thermal Composting-Building Your Pile
3. Thermal Composting-Starting Materials, Temperature & Turning
4. Thermal Composting-Moisture & Aeration
5. Thermal Composting-Maturity & Standards
6. Worm Composting-Definition & Benefits
7. Worm Composting-Building Your Worm Bin
8. Worm Composting-The Worm Composting Process
9. Worm Composting Standards
10. Composting Applications
11. Summary