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SFI 3 Day Workshop - September 2019

A three-day workshop held in Millicent, SA in September, 2019
Soil Foodweb 3 Day Workshop
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This workshop combines the Soil Foodweb workshops "“Introduction to Soil Foodweb Institute, their Methodology and Approach to Soil Health” and “Applying SFI Methodology to Create Compost, Compost Tea and Analysing the Tea Created.”

These workshops aim to:

  • Provide a practical overview of soil biology and its relationship to soil chemistry & structure.
  • Explain the financial and resource building benefits from biological soil processes and best management practices (includes carbon sequestration, saline soil restoration and fire and drought recovery).
  • Show how to practically merge current soil management practices with new biological methods.
  • Provide measures to assess soil health - and subsequent plant & animal health indicators.
  • Learn techniques to making quality compost and compost teas for soil inoculation and foliar applications – and its benefits!
  • Develop skills in using a small compound microscope to assess compost teas made earlier.


Millicent, SA


For accommodation requirements, please email:
P: (02) 6622 5150

Further Information:

Participants will need to supply their own Microscope for use on the 3rd workshop day unless other arrangements are made with this office. Please contact our office for further details