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Achieving the right biology enhances these key functions:


Disease protection – Minimises disease to eliminate the need for pesticides.


Nutrient immobilization – Reduces the detrimental effects of leaching from your soil.


Nutrient availability – Enhances nutrient uptake to ensure you have the optimal nutrients in your soil in the right place, at the right time.


Decomposition of toxins – removes harmful residues


Root health, root depth, water retention, aerobic conditions in soil and improved soil structure – less watering needed, lessen your dependence on fertilizers.


If you are unsure of which organisms are present in your soil and on your plants leaves, much of your crop management is being left to chance.

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Our composting techniques supercharge your soilʼs vitality.

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Expert advice tailored to boost your soilʼs productivity and your plantsʼ happiness.

After using SFI soil revival methods, your garden or farm will be vibrant and productive !

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