SFI Australia is located at Millicent, SA. 

There are SFI certified advisors in NSW, Victoria and Queensland who are able to advise on the services available from SFI, as well as perform other functions.  These people run their own businesses (often as agribusiness consultants) and have extensive knowledge of the SFI methodology and our approach to soil biology.  We are continually looking for suitable people to become SFI certified advisors in the other states.

Why become an SFI certified advisor? 

SFI certified advisors hold the SFI “Tick of Approval” (TOA).  The TOA program defines a level of quality based upon leading scientific research into soil function that is superior to standing conventional regulations governing agricultural inputs and their management.  The program enables agronomists, consultants and manufacturers to gain an understanding and achieve a level of competence in proven SFI practices designed to build and maintain a healthy soil food web. Subject to meeting the ongoing requirements of this program, participants will achieve SFI accreditation.  This accreditation will allow the business entity to carry the ‘Soil Foodweb Tick of Approval’ on their products and marketing materials.  Appropriately qualified participants are also listed on the SFI website.

SFI offers specific scientific and technical support second to none to its certified affiliates that are based upon the knowledge gained from its extensive data set in Australia and other countries around the globe. SFI’s logo is allowed to be used by the certified business to promote their service or product subject to certain conditions and will be granted access to some agreed SFI marketing materials if desired. SFI provides professional introductory and update training that will lead to and maintain ongoing certification.