The SFI Tick of Approval indicates that the product or service offered by the supplier meets the exacting standards established by SFI.  Buyers and clients can be assured that companies holding the SFI TOA provide products or services in accordance with the latest in soil science, and at levels superior to standard regulations relating to agricultural inputs and their management.

50 Litre Compost Tea Brewing Kit – Just Add Water!

50 litre compost tea brewing kit includes everything you need to start making your own compost tea. Having the Soil Foodweb Tick of Approval means that this compost tea brewer has been extensively tested and proven to produce high quality actively aerated compost tea.

About this kit:
•    Everything you need to start making compost tea
•    Easy to set up, use and clean (no tools required)
•    Proven results – Soil Foodweb ‘Tick of Approval’
•    50L capacity is perfect for garden use or testing recipes for larger brewers

Kit includes:
•    50 litre capacity compost tea brewer including plastic brewing vessel, air pump, air pipes, mesh compost bag & clip
•    Approx. 250gms premium SFI tested compost
•    Approx. 300mls of foods (fish hydrolysate & kelp)
•    Assembly (minimal) and operating instructions
•    Soil Foodweb’s ‘Compost Tea Brewing Manual’ – all you need to know about making compost tea

For more information, please contact Chris Ellery, GM, Soil food web:
If you would like to start making your own high quality compost (perfectly suited to compost tea brewing), SFI highly recommends the purchase of the DVD “How To Make Organic Compost – Scientifically and Simply”, available from SFI.

OzTurners range of compost turners

SFI has assessed that the compost turners produced by OzTurners:
•    mix the compost thoroughly, increasing the levels of dissolved oxygen and decreasing the levels of carbon dioxide (produced by microorganisms in the compost)
•    are able to water evenly
•    do not miss any part of the pile (especially at ground level)
•    mix thoroughly (outside surfaces to inside) without pulverising

OzTurners’ owner, Dale Beck, comes from a farming family (poultry) in South Australia.  He has 15 years experience with farm machinery and 7 years with selling and manufacturing compost turners.

OzTurners produce three sizes of compost turner.  The units are Australian made and use Australian supplied parts.  The emphasis is on build quality, reliability and ease of on-farm maintenance.  A lot of attention has been given to ensuring that potential rust spots are avoided, areas where compost may build up are eliminated (all tube ends are sealed) and dual hydraulic rams are used to prevent sagging over time. 

When you contact OzTuners, you get to speak with the manufacturer directly.  Dale personally delivers each machine and ensures that it is set up appropriately for the customer.  OzTurners values feedback from customers and many of their comments have resulted in product improvements.

This video shows the OzTurner in operation.

You can find out more about these compost turners at the OzTurners website.