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Soil Foodweb is an international soil biology group providing laboratory soil testing and soil biology consultancy services.  It was founded by Dr Elaine Ingham, a leading international soil microbiologist.  The systems developed by Dr Ingham have been designed to analyse the microbiology present in soil samples and to develop appropriate responses to achieve desired levels and balances of soil microbiology.

Service Packages 

SFI can analyse your Soil, Compost, Compost Tea and Leaf samples and provide you with anything from a basic Health Report through to a total Foodweb and Chemistry analysis. Click here for full details on SFI's Service Packages.

Please contact us if you would like to more about the suitability of these packages to your particular application.

Or if you know what Package you need, please make use of the links provided under 'Our Services' to find out how to prepare and submit your samples for analysis.

 Tick of Approval Program

You may also be interested in SFI's Soil Foodweb Tick of Approval Program. This program defines a level of quality based upon leading scientific research into soil function that is superior to standing conventional regulations governing agricultural inputs and their management.

The program enables agronomists, consultants and manufacturers to gain an understanding and achieve a level of competence in proven SFI practices designed to build and maintain a healthy soil food web. Subject to meeting the ongoing requirements of this program, participants will achieve SFI accreditation.

This accreditation will allow the business entity to carry the ‘Soil Foodweb Tick of Approval’ on their products and marketing materials.

Appropriately qualified participants will also be listed on the SFI website, becoming eligible for nomination as an “SFI Accredited Advisor” or “SFI Senior Agronomist” by Soil Foodweb Institute as projects arise. 

Click here for full details on the SFI Tick of Approval/Certification program

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