This package incorporates either product manufacture or primary producer consultancy aspects, our goal is to help you achieve full biological productivity within a three year period, sooner if possible, saving you many hours and considerable money from a management and input point of view, while also giving you peace of mind that there are either none or very few harmful chemicals being used. We also can help you achieve organic status if this is what you are seeking to achieve. 

Some of our results have seen fertilizer, insect and disease inputs reduced totally or in the very least reduced by up to 75% over a three year period. With water savings and soil quality being seen in almost every situation, if you as the primary producer follow the suggested management course put in place. 

Different results may be seen depending on soil history and continued management practices used. Payments are to be made in a two stages as are the services, first payment upon starting this program, second payment to be made within 6 months of the start of this contract