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Soil Foodweb is an international soil biology group providing laboratory soil testing and soil biology consultancy services.  It was founded by Dr Elaine Ingham, a leading international soil microbiologist.  The systems developed by Dr Ingham have been designed to analyse the microbiology present in soil samples and to develop appropriate responses to achieve desired levels and balances of soil microbiology.

Microscopes BINOCULAR (two eye pieces)

Premier Grade Trinocular Biological Microscope
With shipment 1kg to 5kg for $ 5.00
Sales price $ 825.00
Price / kg:

 2011Y biological Microscope
45mm DIN Achromatic Objectives:
4X, 10X, 40X(S), 60X(S)

Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece

Total Magnification - 40X-600X
(Optional:WF16X Eyepiece gives
maximum magnification of 960X
without oil)

Articulated Free Trinocular Head
Interpupillary Distance: 55-75mm 30º
Inclined 360º Rotatable

Double Layer Mechanical Stage
125X125mm, Moving Range X-Y

ABBE Condenser: N.A. 1.252-30mm
Iris Diaphragm And 32 Filter
Coaxial Coarse And Fine Focusing
Adjustable Mechanism 14mm
Built-in Adjustable Brightness LED
Lamp 1W;

Net Weight/Set: 4.3kg